We made it!


We made it!

Wow, does it feel good to be home.

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  1. Chuck & Beth Schasteen says:

    Brian & Sarah,
    Beth & I met you @ the flats last week! We were with John Betz & Sandy Borthick group, aka the 1967 BMW 2000CS that blew a head gasket!? That’s racing. I have a most interesting pic of one of you, maybe Sarah, on Saturday, across from the grey non-stock cooper in the 150mph zone. I can forward however you wish. I’d also like your permission to forward to Miniclub of America! We don’t think of our pocket rockets as salt flat runners, but I’ve got evidence. Any name or ID of the 150 driver? I’d need his permission as well. Enjoyed the bizarre terrain & Utah/Nevada casino shtick. Mostly the people & the cars! Regards & Thanks,
    Chuck Schasteen, Ph.D.
    Senior Fellow & Director of Discovery Research
    Solae Protein Solutions, a DuPont Health & Nutrition Division
    4300 Duncan Avenue
    Saint Louis, MO. 63110
    PS – couldn’t help but notice your tag, perhaps the car is Buffy?

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