View from Our Window – Baie Comeau


View from Our Window - Baie Comeau

We stayed at Le Manoir in Baie Comeau last night. It was not our converted convent from the Maggies a couple years back, but not bad, not bad at all. And it will be the nicest accommodations we see on this trip.

We had our own version of a Top Gear race yesterday with 3 cars waiting three hours for a 15-minute ferry across a choppy Saganay River (60 knott winds!) and the other 3 cars driving about 200 miles around. It was close, very close in fact, but I’m happy to report that the drivers – David, Chris, Carl, Ben, Brian and I – won with a few minutes to spare. Too bad all the beer we’d have used to celebrate was in Blaine’s car. Victory tasted very sweet regardless though. (I should point out that a few folks on the other team claim they were unaware that we were racing.)

More soon.

Taken in Baie-Comeau, Quebec
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